Healthcare at the Doorstep through Teleconsultation

Saroj works as an ANM at Sub Center Keshar under PHC Odda. Keshar village is located in Kumbhalgarh Tehsil of Rajsamand district in Rajasthan, India. Saroj is the mother of a two-year-old daughter and her family resides in Jaipur.

Her daily routine as an ANM includes visiting twenty households every day for screening, weekly immunization, and other services. Walking miles to reach these houses, some of which are located on hilltops, is a regular task for Saroj. She makes sure that medical entitlements and services are provided to these people at the bottom of the pyramid.

Saroj makes regular visits to the kuccha house of sixty-five-year-old Khamani Bai. She lives with her husband, Kan Singh, who is not able to do any work owing to old age. They had three children but lost two sons due to lack of access to quality medical care.

Khamani Bai has been suffering from knee pain since the past two years. She consulted the local quacks for her chronic pain, but even after spending an average of Rs. 1000 (on travel and consultations), she could not get any relief. Saroj arranged a tele-consultation with an orthopedician for Khamani Bai. She explained her problem to the doctor, who prescribed some medicines for her. Saroj delivered all the prescribed drugs at Khamani Bai’s doorstep. She is feeling much better now, and continues to follow the advised prescription.

“I am extremely happy when a patient is provided with the right treatment. Not many people are empowered in this way to help others. I thank LEHS|WISH for this opportunity. The contented beneficiaries keep me motivated to work while living far away from my family, especially my daughter, but it’s all worth it,” says a happy Saroj.