Sanjeeb Karmakar: A Wave of Change!

Sanjeeb stays with his parents along with his elder brother, sister-in-law, nephew and niece. His parents work at the Diffloo Tea Estate, Golaghat District, Assam. Due to economic hardships, Sanjeeb discontinued his studies after class IX, and opened a shop to support his family.

Sanjeeb is a member of the Adivasi Student Union, and participates in all community level welfare and socio-cultural activities. When he came to know about LEHS|WISH’s COVID Sakha initiative, he readily joined it. So far, he has conducted nearly 100 sensitization sessions on adopting COVID appropriate behavior.

LEHS|WISH – APPL initiative motivated him to start a campaign of putting a dustbin in front of every shop and major points in his line to keep the surroundings clean. The community also supported him, and the changes in the surroundings and roads are now visible to all. Moreover, along with the COVID Sakhi and Smart Hospital Team from Diffloo, Sanjeeb has taken on the responsibility of sensitizing people on the ill effects of alcohol. He has received encouraging response from the women folks in this initiative.

Sanjeeb has transformed his shop into a multi-utility unit and even bought a xerox machine to support the study of youth and children of his community. He is motivated to equip himself better and strongly believes that the LEHS|WISH opportunity will take him places.