Our Partners

A mutually reinforcing environment among the global development community is important for achieving ambitious health-related Sustainable Development Goals. Together, we can build a health system, not only as a path to Universal Health Coverage but as an anchor for overall development.

Corporations and Corporate Foundations

LEHS|WISH works hand-in-hand with Corporations and Corporate Foundations to develop partnerships that position their brands favorably among colleagues, shareholders, customers and the public. Strategic philanthropic investments and grants empower companies to make a difference in their communities where they live or work. LEHS|WISH allows corporations and foundations to choose investments that reflect their values, cater to their markets and complement their field of work. Such corporate partnerships help to create a reliable funding base for a variety of services, such as mother and child health, pre-natal and post-natal care, nutrition, adolescent and adult health, prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases, create innovative models of quality healthcare, and more. There are various ways in which companies can partner:

Strategic annual and multi-year grant investments

In-kind contributions

Employee giving/payroll giving program and matching gifts

Cause marketing and consumer engagement initiatives

Private Foundations

Private Foundations play a vital role in accelerating progress with the allocation of their funds to strategic, transparent and effective organizations. LEHS|WISH has proven itself as such. We welcome the opportunity to discuss partnerships where we can multiply the impact of our pioneering innovation to bring access to quality primary healthcare to the populations living at the last-mile.

Bilateral/Multi-lateral Organizations

Given the enormity of global health challenges, partnership with bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations is integral to tackling these massive issues. Our partnership with USAID has significantly advanced our ability to innovate, build capacities and streamline business processes, and we are continuing these activities.

We welcome international agencies and institutions to join us in shaping primary healthcare of the future through funding and technical expertise. Let’s work together to improve public health outcomes and innovate new strategies to enhance primary healthcare for developing nations!