LEHS|WISH offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities not only to contribute toward the goal of delivering quality healthcare, but also as a personal valuable experience.

Be a Change Creator at LEHS|WISH

  1. Employee Engagement – If you wish to engage your employees in something meaningful, then we have a series of opportunities for them to contribute their knowledge, skills, time, or money. To know more, write to us at abc@wishfoundationindia.org.

  1. Internship – Looking for opportunities to intern for a cause? Then, LEHS|WISH is the place for you. As an intern, you can work basis your interest and suitability, across multiple functions within LEHS|WISH (Fundraising/HR/Finance/IT/Digital Health/Communications/Programs). You will get an opportunity to work with a close-knit and experienced team, who will mentor you in the journey toward your development and growth. We can customize your time investment aligned with your interest and skills. To know more, write to us at abc@wishfoundationindia.org
  1. Ambassador of Change – There are ample opportunities to be a leader in supporting the cause that LEHS|WISH is working for. For example:
  • Advocate about our work by writing for the cause across media publications and blogs
  • Facilitate collaborative activities with brands and media to create awareness about our work across primary healthcare
  • Support with your skills and expertise in design, photography, videography, etc.
  • Be our voice within the industry, academia, and civil society by sharing your views on our work in the healthcare sector
  • Become a Healthcare Ambassador by sharing our posts across social media platforms within your network
  • Help in our research projects, content translations, or IT development