Rajen Tanti: Spreading Light for Many and Hope for Himself!

This is the story of twenty-five years old Rajen Tanti, who belongs to an underprivileged family with old parents and a younger sibling to take care of. Limited means and ageing parents meant discontinuation of studies for Rajen. Doing stray jobs to add to the income of the family and give some respite to his parents became the way of life for him.

Since Rajen was hard working, positive and motivated, he, like several other youth across the Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. (APPL) tea estates, got engaged as a COVID Sakha. He is assisting the Hospital as well as Management in undertaking various activities, including awareness generation on COVID. He is happy and feels privileged to have helped so many people with information.

The thrill was amplified when he was engaged in a series of orientation and skill-building sessions facilitated by WISH. He says with contentment that he could motivate a few people to refrain from alcoholism. He has personally benefitted from discussions on numerous COVID as well as non-COVID essential services. He admits that after being continuously groomed by APPL-WISH led initiative, his public speaking and inter-personal skills have improved manifold. Rajen thanks APPL and WISH for the support that enhanced his capabilities and has motivated him further to pursue graduation. He would like to be associated with similar causes in future.