Leadership Team

Rajesh Ranjan Singh - Chief Executive Officer

A social entrepreneur and a specialist in civic participation, public health and the nonprofit sector, Rajesh Ranjan Singh has nearly three decades of non-profit sector experience.  He has a deep understanding of community development, public health, education, and livelihood issues across Asia and Africa. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in monitoring and evaluating international development programs, and he has been a part of multiple national core committees involved in developing strategic guidelines and frameworks on public health issues. Currently, he is the chief functionary at LEHS|WISH, heading the organization as the Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Srivastava

Senior Advisor - Innovations and Public Health

Dr (Professor) Rakesh Kumar Srivastava brings with him more than four decades of experience in the health sector across national as well as state levels. His experience and expertise cover varied aspects of the health sector including public health and disaster management, hospital development, monitoring and evaluation, national health budgeting, and development of health policies. At

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Syed Arish Mabood Ahmad

Project Director - HWCI

An Electronics Engineer with a Master's in Business Administration, Marketing and Finance, Mr. Syed has close to three decades of experience as a strategist in non-profit organizations, consulting firms, government projects, and the corporate sector. He has diverse experience across varied social sector domains ranging from Public Health, Education, Governance, Child Protection, Youth Development, and Livelihood

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Sheena Gujral

Head - Human Resource and Organizational Development

Sheena Gujral has a Master's degree in English from Delhi University and a post-graduate in human resources from the All-India Institute of Management Studies. She has close to two decades of experience in corporate and business HR. Her expertise spans across employee engagement, talent management, succession planning, policies, procedures, HR handbooks,

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Dr. Arvind Vashishta Rinkoo

Project Director – Innovations

A medical professional with specialization in Public Health Administration, Dr. Arvind Vashishta Rinkoo has over fourteen years of experience in clinical medicine, hospital administration, and public health. His peer-reviewed indexed journals in the realm of public health, both preventive and curative, have been published nationally as well as internationally.

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Karishma Srivastava

Head – Urban Health Program

A Post-graduate in Rural Development from XISS, Karishma Srivastava has close to three decades of experience working in the area of health, nutrition, and well-being of underprivileged communities. Actively providing policy support to Central and State governments, she led the technical assistance activities on urban health across the states of Madhya Pradesh,

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Aparajita Ray

Head – Strategic Communications

Aparajita Ray is a communication and advocacy specialist with rich experience cutting across government, corporate, and development sectors. In her career spanning more than two decades, she has been extensively involved in program conceptualization, planning, and implementation, communication planning and management, advocacy, new business acquisition, and growth.

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Biswa Ranjan Patnaik

State Director, Rajasthan

A development sector expert, Biswa Ranjan Patnaik has more than three decades of experience working with the rural as well as urban communities. Mr. Patnaik has been part of senior leadership teams for about fifteen years, managing complex and multiple projects, simultaneously, with diverse stakeholders.

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Milton Nayak

Head - Finance and Administration

A Chartered Accountant with close to two decades of experience across development, IT, and finance sectors, Milton Nayak is an expert in the realm of FCRA, NGO finance, grant management, finance process set-up, process automation, MIS, budgeting, monitoring, tax and legal advisory, and financial audits.

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Joygopal Podder

Head – Business Development

Joygopal Podder is the Head of Business Development at LEHS|WISH. He has a total of thirty-six years of professional experience, sixteen years in the corporate world and twenty years in the development sector. At LEHS|WISH, he and his team are successfully expanding the partnership base, and bringing in resources to fund the

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